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Commercial landscape design is part form and part function. The design should beautify the overall look and image of your building and the design elements should also serve a functional purpose. Your landscaping should clearly convey the way that you want your potential customers to perceive your business.  After all, the exterior of your business is your first impression to the public!

Professional landscape design can do the following:

1. Accentuate your message. Your business or your building has a brand and your landscape needs to speak to that. Landscaping creates a memorable image that will be associated with your business in a positive way!  Examples include soothing gardens and benches for businesses such as Spas and Mental Health Services, dancing fountains for entertainment venues or where additional attention is required; wildflowers, whispy grasses and green roofs for sustainability focused companies, or clean geometric plant designs for cutting edge restaurants or businesses.

2. Encourage Customers to come in and STAY!. Your landscape design should attract customers to your business as well as encourage them to stay!  If you incorporate seating areas, fountains and shelters from the elements, people will linger, enjoy the outdoor space and be more inclined to purchase your goods or services!  Businesses and hospitality venues that are successful ensure that the comfort of their clientele occurs throughout their waiting experience as well. Be memorable!

3. Guide the flow of traffic. Easy and safe access to the entrances of your business is important.  Highlighting the entrance points with plants, trees and lighting is a surefire way to accomplish this. Providing paths and walkways lined with shrubs or trees, or by using brick or stone wall features will ensure customer safety as well as leading them to where they need to be. Those elements provide memorable visual statements in addition to performing an important business function. 

5. Enhance the architecture. Designing your building is a detailed process with emphasis being placed on the aesthetics and functionality.  Enhancing your building with the right landscape design will bring out the beauty in the architecture. It can also modernize a dated building more economically than building renovation. 

When considering your landscaping needs, picture how your landscape will look as time passes.  Be sure to understand the maintenance that will be required with your choices. TLC is able to not only design and install your landscaping, but able to maintain it so that it remains the vision you desire! We will be able to provide all of your needs and provide beauty, design and functionality without breaking your budget.  Call us for a free consultation at 631-424-1181