TLC was established in 1993 by Michael J. Brown, and has
serviced hundreds of satisfied clients over the years. TLC prides
itself in being an end-to-end full service landscape company. We
complete jobs from start to finish in the proper order. All our work
is done by long time in-house staff/crew who take great care of
each aspect of the overall job. When there are many different
contractors on a job there is a greater margin for error. When a
single company is involved like TLC, the job is planned with greater
accuracy and efficiency, making for an end result of higher quality.
It also allows the client the ability to be sure what he or she wants
is taken care of and not overlooked. TLC enjoys taking full
responsibility when on jobsite - there is only one place to point the
finger and that's how it should be. Our goal is to provide you with
the most usable and satifying living space humanly possible, while
maintaining a pleasant natural feel and attractive scenario from
every angle of sight.