Sometimes called Hardscape, Masonry is a way to enhance a
landscape and provide access to certain areas of a yard. It is
also needed to facilitate areas that get a lot of family and social
use, such as an eating or entertaining space. It should fit into the
project smoothly and enhance this entertainment area, not stand
out and look misplaced. These areas depend upon the type and
size of parties someone would normally host. A good rule of
thumb is approx. 50 sq. ft. of space per person. This guideline
includes your normal necessities on an outdoor patio - tables,
chairs, grill, umbrellas etc. TLC will help you choose the type of
material that will best suite your needs.

Ex: Brick- which is a clay material, cut from the earth. Pavers-
manmade, or stone-natural, and choosing the size and shape to
fit your specific applications.